DESERT DESCENT - completed screenplay

Dashiell Hammett meets The Roswell Incident

LOGLINE - In 1947 a private eye experiences 'missing time' while driving across New Mexico and then digs into the Roswell incident.

PITCH - What if Dashiell Hammett wrote a detective adventure about Roswell? Put another way, what if Sam Spade stumbled onto the Roswell incident? Mix in a dose of Indiana Jones and that's DESERT DESCENT. In 1947 a private dick sees a strange flying machine and suffers "missing time" as he drives across New Mexico on his way to California. As our hero tries to find the location of a rumored crashed alien craft - the key to his quest for answers - he's pitted against a dangerous federal intelligence agent with orders to cover up the incident. There are desert chases and hairbreadth escapes as our hero peels back layers of intrigue, finds time to ignite a romance and then finally finds himself in the bull's-eye of a cosmic event.